Tricks to Play Cockfighting Online


Tricks to Play Cockfighting Online – Such as Rooster, Battle Cock, Cock Fighter, Cockfighting, Jago Fighting, Matajen or Cock Fighting there is stated by the local government to be legal and can be done anywhere even in public places and broadcast live on TV.

How to Play Online Cockfighting Gambling: Live Streaming Online Cockfighting Gambling
After it is held in a public place and broadcast live on TV, the next question is where do the players involved in the cock fighting get the money from? The source obtained is that the players get money from the audience who are directly present there with various values ​​according to the class of the match.

For this reason, we collaborated with those there to have the right to broadcast online cockfighting gambling games broadcast live from the Philippines so that cockfighting game lovers can watch their beloved matches safely in Indonesia online.

As for the live broadcast program, the audience can join or place their bets using the rupiah currency and make transactions using domestic banks such as BCA, BNI, BRI and Mandiri on our website which is already available to you so that you can immediately join and have an ID for the online cockfighting gambling game.

We make sure that the cockfighting gambling agent we inform you through this article is trustworthy and has a good rating value, no need to doubt because you will be served by staff who are very professional in their fields and help you for 24 hours so that you can simply watch the cockfighting match online. through your cellphone only with a sense of security and comfort.

How to play cockfighting gambling online:

You must register on the following online cockfighting gambling agent site that is already in front of you, to get your ID and Pass to log in to the online site.

If there are things that are not understood, you can directly communicate directly with trained and professional staff who will help you through the Live Chat service available on the site.

After successfully logging in, then you just have to make a deposit according to the bank you have and the nominal amount according to what you want. And you can choose the match place according to the betting options you want.

Choose Meron or red or Wala or blue chickens, you can also choose BDD / FTD options.
BDD is a Both Dead Draw which means that the two chickens die together before the match time runs out for 10 minutes, then the match is declared a draw and all bets for both parties are returned intact.

FTD is a Full Time Draw which means that the two chickens are declared a draw in a match that runs Full for 10 minutes, if the result is FTD then all red and sheep bets are declared to be lost.

How to Play Online Cockfighting Gambling: Odds / Kheian Value

Each match has a different odds / Kheian value in each match, for example:

  • If on the screen it says Red / Banker +0.83 then it means that the odds value is 100, then the prize value will be 83.
  • If on the screen it says Blue / Player +0.93 then it means that the odds value is 100, then your loss payment will be 93.
  • If on the screen it says BDD 1: 8, it means that the odds value if the stakes are 100, the prize value is 800 including your capital, but if you lose you pay 100. And it is declared BDD if the two chickens who are competing die in full time. 10 minutes.

How to play cockfighting gambling online, lovers of conventional cockfighting gambling games don’t need to worry too much, now you can take part in the online cockfighting gambling game today with a sense of security and comfort and don’t worry about being raided by the authorities.

  • You will also get some information, one of which is about caring for Bangkok chicken and other information as well as how to play online cockfighting gambling, while online cockfighting gambling games in other countries such as the Philippines have other names.
  • If on the screen it says FTD 1: 20, it means that the odds value if the stakes are 100, the prize value will be 2 million including your capital, but if you lose you pay 100. And declared TIE if the two fighting chickens are still alive Full time for 10 minutes.
  • If you

Selection of Online Cockfighting Sites s128 sv388 cft2288

Selection of Online Cockfighting Sites s128 sv388 cft2288 – Chicken fighting games are a trend that is quite extraordinary among bettors in Indonesia. For the people in the past, this game was not only for entertainment, but also related to culture in Indonesia. Having online facilities is very helpful for bettors so they don’t need to visit a stall to play Cockfighting Betting.

Idbola303 is an Online Cockfighting Gambling Agent Site that has long been operating online gambling since 2014, collaborating with trusted operators of Online Cockfighting Sites based in the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia which provide live streaming services or live streams of online cockfighting gambling to pamper bettors betting on it. .

Cockfighting betting is indeed very interesting and easy, therefore Idbola303 as an Online Cockfighting Gambling Agent Site provides the best service and with attractive promos and bonuses to you fans of online cockfighting gambling, our loyal members. The method is very easy, just by registering and depositing, you can immediately enjoy promos and various attractive bonuses when playing cockfighting games.


Bettors who join the Idbola303 Online Cockfighting Gambling Agent Site have the opportunity to get attractive promo and bonus benefits in betting with us. It is very easy to access using the internet network with only smartphones and PCs, bettors can play as much as they want. In Indonesia, the game of cockfighting is very popular in all circles.

Following are the benefits and advantages that bettors can get when playing cockfighting bets, as follows:
Bettors who make bets will have the opportunity to get extraordinary benefits such as win 7x consecutive cockfighting bonuses, referral bonuses, lifetime loyalty bonuses and many other bonuses that await bettors later.

Another advantage is that bettors are free to bet wherever and wherever they want. Because bettors just need to log in on the gadget or smartphone that is connected to a stable internet network.
Bettors who join the Idbola303 cockfighting gambling agent can contact customer service who is always active 24 hours a day in helping the registration process and also deposit / withdrawal transactions.

Service Convenience of Online Cockfighting Sites

The use of the internet network for organizing cockfighting or cockfighting online provides a lot of convenience and comfort for fans of this cockfighting game to be able to play and place bets from all parts of Indonesia.
The following are the conveniences and conveniences that fans of cockfighting or cockfighting can enjoy by playing online;

  • Can play without leaving the house. By only using the internet network, users can play either starting from the registration or registration process, depositing funds and withdrawing winnings without leaving the house. Therefore, this cockfighting product offers safety and comfort to its users when compared to betting on conventional cockfights.
  • Choice of Arena and Number of matches. On one screen you can select one of the many arenas that feature different cockfighting fights. And you can bet on more than one cockfighting arena at the same time.
  • Every fight or cockfighting match that is held can be watched live with internet streaming technology by users, both those who place bets and those who just want to watch the cockfighting fight.
  • Bet with the best odds. Our cockfighting site provides the best odds compared to conventional cockfighting. You can win 8 times by betting on a BDD draw / Both Dead Draw and even 88 times by betting on FTD / Full Time Draw.
  • Select your Cockfighting betting site operator. Idbola303 members can choose to participate in cockfighting betting through S128 or via SV388 and CFT2288. SV388 is a new product that has advantages in applications for smartphones based on Android and IOS that can be installed on smartphones.

If you have internet access via a Computer / PC, Notebook or Smartphone Android OS and IOS (Apple) it is enough to bet on cockfighting gambling.

Following are the simple steps you will go through to become a member and also place a bet;

  • Contact the Idbola303 service either through Livechat which we have provided, prepare the necessary data and make sure the data you provide to our customer service is valid data to facilitate your registration process.
  • IDbola303 Service Support will provide you with a username and password. Please save the data then change your password when you first log in for your comfort and safety playing.
  • Fill in your credit to start betting on the online cockfighting site that we have provided by making a transfer to the bank account that we

Follow the Live Chicken Fighting Toy Set

Follow the Live Chicken Fighting Toy Set – Check out the law of playing live chicken fighting on online websites so you can receive profitable and attractive offers. Taking part in online games is an extraordinary opportunity because not only players are able to play well. For this reason, the advice before playing chicken fighting online is more beautiful, see the correct rules of play so that later characters can run a good way of betting online cockfighting and can leave mistakes.

There must be many online cockfighting characters who cannot appear validly because they are dimly understanding or paying attention to the rules of the game. Meanwhile, if you are snooping on the easy and familiar rules of the game, it will be easier to play beautifully and prosperously. Playing online chicken matches can always be unsafe when players get disputes due to not paying attention to the law of playing properly. Therefore, consider the rules for online chicken fighting games that are really important in that below.

The rules for playing s128 live cockfighting are not cheating on getting puffery lessons. Therefore, players can play a role peacefully because they are not cheating / playing very well. If the cheat character of the online game of fighting games will get even bigger free luck. Therefore, before the online chicken match game, understand that cheating is a prohibition and should never be tried by the player and thus will be disappointed.

The second rules for playing cockfighting on line are assuring players have an account and preparing to log in to the online cockfighting game. Well, the character will access the online chicken fighting site or engineering so that they apply the account to start playing a role. In addition, players can get the maximum facility to perform online cockfighting because they have an account to play cockfighting online properly according to the procedure.

Well, players also need to pay attention to the procedures or how to play online games correctly so they don’t make mistakes. Lots of players who commit shirk when betting on cockfighting online so they can’t play according to the rules. So, before starting to start playing chicken matches on line, it is much better to understand the procedure for how to play. Characters will be more confident in online cockfighting games because they always include procedures and methods.

Well, the end is that players should plan capital to start an online game of fighting. Most of the online games using deposits to play. For this reason, players must be worthy, must, appropriate, appropriate, necessary, reasonable, obligatory, have the capital to be able to play chicken matches on line according to the procedures & methods. Players can arrange capital first before starting an online game of fighting and getting it right. Well, those are the provisions of the live cockfighting toy properly and of course safe.

Live cockfighting is certain that besides the times we encounter gambling there are also many benefits that can be felt right. Regarding trusted gambling services, we are able to find extraordinary properties and can be very profitable. Though it comes as a surprise when you can find a suitable service. Because this can be one of the easy habits on the computer with a trusted formal online soccer game. All can profit by accepting the original site. Meanwhile, from the best service, we are sure to be ready to find the benefits immediately.

Implementation like this is really smaller we do online. All the benefits and the fun there are also more exciting and fun. You will also be facilitated by the mobile application facility. The more suitable and there are also many advantages of trusted online chicken fighting gambling. You can enjoy every contradiction through the means of mobile use. It’s getting easier and it’s certain that you can find exciting matches every day. This speculation game is able to fill zero time. So you can find big interests.

The match can only be enjoyed barren, live cockfighting can be trusted. From the legal cockfighting gambling game all the advantages of gambling can become increasingly real morals. Everyone is able to find great benefits by choosing a device that is too trusted. The comparisons are getting more interesting and it is clear that you will find it easier to piggyback on the benefits of the best gambling. Now there are a lot of bandar media with the best games. Every day there is forever something interesting and you …