Effective Tips for Playing 13 Card Poker

Effective Tips for Playing 13 Card Poker

Effective Tips for Playing 13 Card Poker – There is nothing wrong with learning various types of card games, one of which is like card 13. Of course playing this game can entertain yourself when you gather with friends or colleagues. But in this review, you will find out the Vietnamese version of the 13-card poker playing rules. There are also Chinese variant rules so check the rules that will be used if you want to play with experienced players.

1. Understanding the Game

> Rules before playing.

Many people play with slightly different rules, depending on their geographic area and culture. So, it’s best to explain what you can and don’t do during the game to prevent confusion and fights during play. In this version, the game rules are as follows:

– The order of cards from strongest to weakest is: 2, A, K, Q, J, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3.

– The order of card symbols from strongest to weakest is the heart, diamond, curl, and spade. However, this rule only applies when playing cards of the same number. For example, a 2 hearts beat a 2 diamond card.

– The 3 spades card is the weakest card in this game, while the 2 heart card is the strongest card. This also applies to all card symbols. Number two is stronger than three.

– The card number is stronger than the symbol. For example, a 9 spades card is stronger than an 8 heart card.

– The objective of the game is to play the cards that beat the cards that were on the table until all the cards in the hand run out. So a 5 of spades card beats a 3 of spades card. The curly king card beats the 8 hearts card because although the heart symbol is stronger than the curly, the king is stronger than the 8.

– The game should ideally be played with four players so that each one gets 13 cards and the deck is evenly distributed. This is where the game got its name.

– Some people play by rules that are usually considered cheating. So, depending on the rules used, you may look at your opponent’s cards or skip a turn, if possible.

> Understand the playable cards.

There are several ways to play the cards in the hand. You can play single (single), double (double), triple (triple) and run (series). A single strong card, aka a solo card, beats a single low card. For example, a queen of hearts beats a jack of hearts. Two strong cards, aka double cards, beat low double cards. Three strong cards beat three low cards.

– There is also something called run, which is a combination of at least three cards in sequence. To beat the combination cards, your order of cards must be stronger than the sequence of the previous cards

> Learn how to play card combinations.

The objective of the game is to use up the cards in the hand as quickly as possible. Therefore, card combinations will help you because you use many cards in your hand at once. Pair (pair) or double (doubles) is a combination of two cards with the same number, but different symbols. For example, a 5 of spades and 5 hearts are a pair. To beat a double, the opposing player must use a stronger pair, for example the queen of hearts and queen of diamonds.

– Triple is when three cards have the same number, but different symbols. For example, a card of 5 spades, 5 diamonds and 5 hearts. To beat a triple, the opposing player must use a stronger triple, for example 6 spades, 6 curls, and 6 diamonds.

– Run or sequence is when there are at least three cards whose numbers are consecutive (the symbols may vary). A run can only be defeated by another run that has a higher number than the previous run. The lowest run can be started from a 3 of spade card. For example, a run consisting of 3 spades, 4 of spades, 5 hearts, 6 diamonds and 7 of spades can be defeated with a run of 4 hearts, 5 diamonds, 6 hearts, and 7 hearts because 7 hearts are stronger than 7 spades. .

> Learn how to win games easily.

In this game, certain combinations of cards can win the game instantly. The cards in the hand must not be exchanged. Here are the cards that should be in your hand: four 2 cards, six pairs (22, 44, 33, 66, 77, 88), triple triple, and dragon’s head. Dragon’s head is a special run consisting of card numbers 3 to aces of the same suit. Dragon’s head with hearts is the strongest run in the game and cannot be beaten by any other card combination.

– If you hold four 2 cards after the cards are dealt, the win is confirmed because you have the 4 strongest cards in the game. The number 2 is the highest number for each symbol.

– In some cases the person who has four 2 number cards wins the game immediately. However, there are those who enforce a rule that if a player gets four 2-card cards, all the players hand the card back to the dealer and repeat the card distribution.

– If you get six pairs, it means that 12 of the 13 cards you have are a pair.

2. Preparation to Play

> Determine the direction of the play order.

Will the order of turns be clockwise, or counterclockwise? You have to decide before starting the game. In addition, this will prevent fights over turns. So, if anyone asks whose turn it will be next, you can find out.

> Prepare a standard 52 card deck and shake it up.

Count the cards in the deck and make sure the total is 52. Shuffle as you wish. Usually, people use the riffle beat technique. However, if you can’t, feel free to use other methods, such as Kocok Hindu, Weave (weaving), or Strip (strip). Ask the person next to you to split the deck in half.

– Mark the person who shuffles first because in the next game, the person to his or her right or left (depending on the direction of turn, whether appropriate or counterclockwise) will shuffle the deck.

> Give 13 cards to each player.

Make sure you distribute the cards in the order of turn that has been assigned. For example, if the order of turns is clockwise, it means that the cards are dealt similarly. The dealer is the last person to get a card.

– Players are allowed to immediately see the cards. They don’t have to wait for all the players to have a card and face up at the same time.

– If you are playing with only three players, you can distribute the entire deck evenly, or only 13 cards to each player. Distribute cards according to the agreement with other players.

– Arrange the cards in the hand into pairs, triples, or singles to make it easier to play.

– The winner of the previous game gets the first turn to play.

3. Playing Cards 13

> Find out who has the 3 spades card.

This player takes the first turn and may play a single, double, or other combination using the 3 spades card. For example: 3-4-5, double number 3 card, etc. The next player will try to beat the previous player’s card.

– The winner of the previous game gets the first turn to play.

> Play a high number card, pair, or triple that is stronger than the previous player’s card.

Play the same card type. For example, if the player previously played a pair, you must respond with a pair whose value is stronger. If the previous player played singles, you must play the stronger single card.

> Skip the turn if you can’t beat the previous player’s card.

Turn moves to the next player. When you miss a turn, the card in the hand cannot be played until one round is finished. If all the players miss their turn, the player who placed the card last on the table can play whatever card he wants.

> Play the bomb on the table.

If you have three pairs, or another, stronger combination such as four of a kind (four cards of the same rank), now is the time to play it. (Remember, you want to finish the cards in the hand as quickly as possible). The term bomb (bom) refers to the four of a kind. To spend the cards in the hand, you can play a set of six cards that make up a triple straight (for example 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5) or four of a kind. Four of a kind can beat all triple straights, and it can beat other, stronger four of a kind. so, four aces can beat four king cards.

– When the cards played are of very high value and no player is able to beat them, almost all players will miss their turn.
– Runs and straights cannot have a 2 card, even if two is the strongest number in the game.

> Play the type of card in the hand as you wish.

If no player can beat the card you previously played, even though it is not the highest card or the bomb, it means that you can play any card on the next turn. For example, you can play number 2 card pairs.

> Tell the other players if you have one hand left.

After most of the cards in the hand have been played and only one is left, notify the other players. Remember, you can only beat singles because there are only one hand left. However, the game can also end in a pair, triple or straight. No matter how many cards in your hand, try to finish them off as quickly as possible. So, don’t ignore pairs or triples because the game can end with more than one card. Try to be the first player to spend the cards in your hand and win the game.