Techniques for Choosing the Best Bangkok Chicken in Cockfighting

Techniques for Choosing the Best Bangkok Chicken in Cockfighting – In playing the cockfighting betting game, you as a player need to learn a few things to choose the best and best cock.

The Bangkok Cockfighting Technique is a technique that is currently widely used. Especially the Bangkok Chicken trainers who maintain and train Bangkok Chickens so they can be winners in a match.

In the market today the price of Banggkok Chicken is very high in its selling price. Especially the Bangkok Chicken, which has become the champion, of course the price for the winning chicken will be much higher. Therefore a technique and tactics are needed so that Bangkok Chicken can win and win a contest.

This time wants to explain one of the most popular and well-known techniques for cockfighting lovers. Why did it happen? The reason may be because this technique is the technique that most often leads to victory for daftar sv388 cockfighting lovers. This technique is very popular and rarely accepts defeat.

Techniques for Choosing the Best Bangkok Chicken in Cockfighting

1. Wing or Lock Technique.

The swooping / locking technique is one of the Bangkok Chicken fighting techniques. But the most famous is the technique above. Related to the techniques we have described to you through our article. You need to know that the above techniques have been tried in various countries.

2. Controlling Technique.

This technique is a fairly good and balanced technique. However, even though this technique is good, we cannot recommend controlling techniques for you in spurs cockfighting matches. This is because your bangkok cock will find it difficult to avoid his opponent in the cockfighting arena.
The main characteristic of this technique is waiting for an opportunity to give an attack to the opponent with a fairly concentrated and deadly blow.

3. Solah technique.

Compared to the best control technique, the solah technique is highly recommended for those of you who want to compete in spur cockfighting. Meanwhile, for matches that don’t use a knife, this technique will drain your fighting cock very quickly.
The main characteristic of this technique is to attack aimlessly and do not have the right attack / blow.

4. Ngeles technique.

The ngeles technique is one technique that you can use. If you prefer to defend than attack.
This technique is an excellent defensive technique to apply to your Bangkok Chicken. Your Bangkok cock is less likely to get injured after a fight if you use this technique.

5. Pushing Techniques.

Pushing techniques are usually done by intimidating your opponent so that they back off and get caught off guard. This technique is quite advantageous for your bangkok chicken who has been trained to have an accurate hit and a strong hit.
The main characteristic of this technique is waiting for the opponent’s negligence. When the opponent has begun to be careless, the bangkok chicken will give an attack by entering into the opponent’s wing, then ending with a peck that occurs continuously.